Tre balli dei due amanti (2007)

For Two Pianos

[ca.10 minutes]

Tre balli dei due amanti (three dances of the two lovers), is a whimsical evocation of a dance during the Italian Renaissance, where the dancing couple is represented by the two pianos. The piece opens with a formal invitation and then commences with the three dances, explained below. The work closes with a short coda recalling the opening music of the invitation. The formal exchange of thanks is interrupted by an impulsive kiss, ending the piece in a flurry of excitement.

Piva – This is a light dance that contains many improvised steps.

Passamezzo – Similar to the Pavane, this is a stately dance in a moderate tempo.

Saltarello – This is an earthy, energetic dance with a heavy step.

Commissioned by Tom Bozzuto and dedicated with love, respect, and gratitude to his wife, Barbara Bozzuto

Excerpt: "Piva"


Score Sample